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tgf message

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Just a brief progress report and some reminders following yesterday’s TC call.


-          I have posted the draft minutes of the meeting on KAVI for your review and comments.

-          I have submitted requests to TC Admin to upload the TGF Pattern Language document as a Committee Specification Draft and also to instigate Public Reviews of that document and the TGF Primer.

-          Peter and Joe need to supply me with specific contact details of the organisations that they have identified for the Public Reviews.

-          All to let me have contact details of any additional people for the Public Reviews.

-          Nig to post his proposed changes to the Primer when the Public Review opens.

-          Andy to post his proposed change to the wording in the PL when the Public Review opens.

-          All to post any other changes they think necessary to either document during the Public Reviews.


I think that’s all for now but if I’ve missed anything let me know.




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