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Subject: RE: OASIS: update and a request



Thanks for the quick response.


I’ve already invited them to Join OASIS, and I think their comment about a more formal adoption of the TGF is a positive step to that.  I will follow up.






From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 01 November 2011 14:29
To: Bill Edwards; 'Peter F Brown'; Chris Parker
Cc: 'TGF TC List'
Subject: RE: OASIS: update and a request




I’m sure we can pick up their point in any updates we do as a result of the first round of Public Review.  If it’s just re-wording then that shouldn’t be a problem.  Perhaps Chris can consider this in the light of our meeting tomorrow.


So please tell them we’ll consider their points and almost certainly we will be posting an update for further Public Review in due course so they’ll get a chance to check it’s OK.   Of course the best way is for them to join the TC and then they can be in at the sharp end of our discussions!!




From: Bill Edwards [mailto:bill.edwards@cstransform.com]
Sent: 01 November 2011 14:16
To: Peter F Brown; John Borras (johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk); Chris Parker
Subject: FW: OASIS: update and a request


John and Peter


Please see the email below that I had this morning from the Queensland Government. 


You’ll see that QLD Govt:


1.        Confirm their use of the franchise element of the TGF, support future development, and are happy to look at a more formal adoption of the TGF in the future

2.       Say that they would like to see something additional around customer engagement


The first point is excellent news for the TGF – particularly the endorsement.  On the second point, as with some of the comments from the NZ government, I think what they are talking about is already covered in the TGF.  So the issue is possibly just about better signposting or revised drafting.


We’ve passed the formal end of the consultation period but I’m wondering if we can still formally feed these points into the next draft?  It would be helpful to get your view before I reply to QLD Govt.







From: Jeans Dianne [mailto:Dianne.Jeans@smartservice.qld.gov.au]
Sent: 01 November 2011 07:59
To: Bill Edwards
Subject: OASIS: update and a request




Bill thanks for your email and apologies for delay in responding (have been somewhat buried recently). Not sure if we are out of time to support your request but have certainly been thinking about it.


We are keen to be part of these international directions and certainly happy to acknowledge that Queensland Government future directions in online delivery is utilising the franchise model to bring together a range of agency offerings and transform the way we produce, deliver and publish online material. We believe that there are 2 strong arms to this transformation – both changing the way agencies think and operate through driving a collaborative/joined up, but equally importantly ensuring that our material is embedded in recent customer/user research to ensure we engage in and understand their needs and meet their expectations. We are certainly finding that embedding the customer/user experience in the franchise development is a strong driver for agency acceptance and change.


So bottom line, support the further development and endorsement of the TGF but additional keen to see an additional standard to be included around customer engagement.


Also happy to talk about and further look at the option in the future to more formally adopt the TGF. I think we had discussed getting a presentation on the toolkit etc in December once we get past the current tranche of franchises.


cheers Dianne
Dianne Jeans
General Manager
smartservice QUEENSLAND
Delivering service excellence
Please consider the environment before printing this email


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