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Subject: RE: [tgf] NEXT TC MEETING

My preference is to stick with the 19th at the later time







Nig Greenaway

Government Division



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From: tgf@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:tgf@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of John Borras
Sent: 16 December 2011 08:30
To: 'TGF TC List'
Subject: FW: [tgf] NEXT TC MEETING


Does anyone have objections to Peter’s request below to move the time of our next meeting forward an hour?  That would make the start time

19 January  at  19.00 CET / 13.00 EST / 10.00 PST / 07.00 (20th) NZ


If that is not convenient then how about moving it back a day to 18 Jan at the original time of 18.00 CET?




From: Peter F Brown [mailto:peter@peterfbrown.com]
Sent: 15 December 2011 20:16
To: John Borras; 'TGF TC List'
Subject: RE: [tgf] TODAY'S TC MEETING



The eBallot you propose, John – as you know, but maybe for information to some newer TC members – is simply to make the *request* to TC Administration to proceed with setting up and opening the formal vote of approval for the two deliverables: a ballot to hold a ballot, if you will. This allows us to advance with this now rather than wait for the next monthly meeting.



On the meeting timing: as today, the next meeting clashes with my monthly OASIS Board meeting. If there is any way that the meeting could take place an hour later, I’d appreciate it… If we follow the same pattern of third Thursday of the month, this clash will occur for me once more, in June 2012, so for now, I only ask for leniency for January ;-)





Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant


P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Tel: +1.310.694.2278


From: tgf@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:tgf@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of John Borras
Sent: Thursday, 15 December, 2011 09:23
To: 'TGF TC List'
Subject: [tgf] TODAY'S TC MEETING


Unfortunately we only had 4 people on the call today so I had to cancel the meeting.  I will follow up tomorrow with the following:


-          An electronic ballot to approve the motion to proceed to Committee Spec approval

-          A Doodle poll to set up a working call early next week on the Policy Product document


Please ensure you have the date on the next TC call in your diaries, its’ 19 January  at  18.00 CET / 12.00 EST / 09.00 PST / 06.00 (20th) NZ.   If this date is not convenient please let me know asap so we can consider re-arranging it if necessary.




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