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tgf message

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Just a brief note of the main points of discussion during the working calls over the last couple of days.  Thanks to Joe, Colin, Chris, Nig and Peter for their time.


1.       There is too much detail and the whole thing is too complicated for smaller agencies and because of this they are unlikely to use it.  Is a slimmed down version an option?

Consensus is NO but more detailed to be provided on how to use the matrix and which bits may be inappropriate to certain situations, eg where a Cloud solution is being provided by a third party and hence they consume some of the need for products.  Necessary to emphasise that TGF is about joining up, so for single agencies where no joining up is required then TGF is not appropriate.

2.       To make understanding easier then we should look to enter the question(s) that each layer/cell seeks to answer.  Peter and Chris will produce an outline of this approach for John to follow.

3.       Nig will provide further information on the new Information Principles from the UK that may help with the rationale for the whole product set and how it should be managed.

4.       We should avoid linking this into job roles and skills at this stage.  That is an aspect for a future piece of work.

5.       We should be relaxed about matrix cells with no examples and cover this my adding to the Disclaimer that Governments don’t always openly publish their documents so it may not be possible to always provide pointers.

6.       Resolutions were agreed on the various Comments flagged in WD02 and John  will make amendments in WD03.


I’ll aim to produce a WD03 in time for our next TC in January.  If necessary I’ll set up a further working call before that meeting to agree last minute changes.  If anyone wants any further explanation please get in touch.




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