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tgf message

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Subject: EU CAMSS specification and TGF

Hi all,

I had hoped to send this note out sooner, my apologies


As we have discussed on previous occasions, the European Commission ISA team have approved a “Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications” (CAMSS, https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/mwikis/idabc-camss/) and we have discussed with ISA about bringing that effort into OASIS.


We haven’t had the formal green-light and hand over from the European Commission yet but I think that we could usefully cast CAMSS in the same mould as the TGF pattern language: high-level, structured statements that give guidance and checklists of what issues need to be addressed, whilst stopping short of firm criteria or conformance clauses that may be unworkable (This might indeed be a template for other related efforts, such as public admin cloud requirements, OpenData, etc.)


I would like to suggest that today’s TC approve the following action: that I take responsibility to draw up a rough outline of what a new TC spec might look like (“TGF Patterns for CAMSS”) for the next TC meeting. By that time, we should have feedback from the Commission and/or Deloitte (as their contractor) and a green light to accept the formal CAMSS specification as a Contributor input to our TC – and we can then flesh out the outline into a formal working draft based on officially receiving the work.


This would not only keep the momentum up but may actually help Deloitte and the Commission by giving them a flavour of what the target work might look like.






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Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

web: www.peterfbrown.com

twitter: @pensivepeter


P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Phone : (310) 694-2278


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