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tgf message

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Subject: Social Crowdfunding

Hi folks

New to OASIS and the list, so hi and pls excuse me for lack of know-how on the procedures..

I'd like to propose 'Social Crowdfunding' for inclusion into the model. The basic idea is:

- Introduced here:  http://canadacloud.net/2012/08/17/crowdfunding-municipal/ 
- The basic principle is explained in the Microsoft Connected Govt doc, where it highlights a workflow model where a person submits a 'Citizen Proposal'
- Standalone systems already exist for the core workflow, e.g. Fundrazr.com - It would then need extended across existing IT systems and business processes, hence would be best developed through the TGF
- At iFOSSF our main focus has been on 'Fiscal Sponsorship' - This offers a model of providing organizational support for these new project ideas


Neil McEvoy
VP Business Development

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