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Subject: Colin's left field thoughts (RE: OASIS TGF v2 WISH LIST)

Thanks John

I'm starting a new thread so my suggestions don't get mixed up with Neil's thread.
Mine are taken from experience of not getting TGF to stick in NZ, and more recently to issues that Peter and I are starting to see a way through regarding the US Identity Ecosystem work.

To the first, and the suggestion below also supports it..

1) A TGF 'lite'. I know we discussed this at the time that NZ was wobbling, and Chris has some views about this - both how it could be done, but as I recall a less than ideal approach.

2) A project management template to assist the implementation. Now I know this may start to stray into CST's IPR and it feels like a drip feed of IPR. But I do want to raise it, because I recall the NZ guys saying it was not easy to implement 'lightly'/subtlely (remembering they did not get senior buy in so were looking at ways of sliding pieces of it in under the radar from below....I will try to dig out the email with all this on it - it was around the time we did the Webinar. We have to face the reality (as far as I know) that adoption is lower than we hoped by this point in time, even in these hard times, so something is missing in the mix.  I think it is in CST's interest at the end of the day, to release a bit more...


From: johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk
To: tgf@lists.oasis-open.org; colin_wallis@hotmail.com
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 10:43:32 +0100

Over recent months we have discussed a number of possible changes to the TGF Primer and/or Core Pattern Language.  We do not have a timetable yet for issuing a new TGF v2 but we should start to capture a list of possible changes for consideration when we come to do that update.  Attached is a start and I would welcome other proposals to add to this list.    Compiling this list will help us determine the most appropriate time to start preparing a v2.


We are working on a number of possible TGF profiles, eg local authorities, Emergency Management, etc and we will need to decide what changes any of these will impact on the Primer and CPL.  I don’t have a clear view on that at present and we will need to keep an eye on that impact as work proceeds.


This Wishes List approach is a method I have used on other TCs and has worked well but if you have other ideas, and thoughts on the timing on a v2, please share them. 



John Borras


Chair OASIS TGF Technical Committee


m. +(0)44 7976 157745

Skype:  gov3john




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