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Subject: Open PSN for Transformation through PACR

Hi folks

As well as the G-Cloud, the UK is also pioneering the PSN (Public Services Network), which was created to underpin their Transformational Government program:


I highlight it as we could leverage this to renew our efforts to launch PACR, as well as contribute here to TGF. I have been in contact with the PSN GB team, who said the program was originally created with an open source philosophy in mind, and feel the Cabinet Office would therefore be open to the idea of contributing all the documentation to an organization like OASIS.

This would be a real asset for PACR, and given this step they might also be open to contributing the G-Cloud materials as well. This would offer an end-to-end Government Cloud program that could underpin business transformation, as described by this flagship reference case study.

Neil McEvoy

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