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John, All,

I would like to submit the following “Statement of Use” regarding the use of the TGF Pattern Language – Core Patterns 1.0, approved on 11 January 2012.


Statement of Use

I am using the OASIS “TGF Pattern Language – Core Patterns 1.0” in my work for and within the newly created “Identity Ecosystem Steering Group” (IDESG) established this summer in response to the White House’s “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” (NSTIC). IDESG is a new private-sector led organization that has a role both in developing a vibrant identity ecosystem within the USA and assisting NIST and the NSTIC National program Office in the multi-annual program of work. The TGF has been discussed in several of the IDESG organs established since its inception and figures prominently in substantive discussions within the governance structures and activities. Although not strictly concerned with transforming government services, the IDESG is a government-inspired, private-sector-led, multi-year initiative to transform the way citizens, consumers and businesses use existing and new identity credentials for accessing and using services across the government and private sectors. In terms of sheer scale, the program clearly fits the vision of use of TGF.


The OASIS TC Specification is currently being used as follows:

Level of conformance required, Pattern and conformance clause number, summary of provision

Use within NSTIC/IDESG

MUST use the [1] Guiding Principles;

Being developed as part of a key “envisioning the future identity ecosystem” activity

MUST have [2] Program Leadership

Very explicitly done

MUST demonstrate [3] Engagement with Stakeholders

Stakeholder outreach and engagement is a permanent activity of the relevant Standing Committee

MUST agree and use a [4] Common Terminology

Under development. Explicit ownership already established; process/methodology under discussion

MUST create a Policy Product Map

Under responsibility of Secretariat with input from several committees

MUST have a [6] Transformational Business Model

Central tenet of whole ecosystem

SHOULD consider the [7] Franchise Marketplace

Currently only an implicit aspect of the overall work on envisioning the future ecosystem, but certainly present and understood by several key stakeholder groups

MUST have a [8] Roadmap for Transformation

Under development by a special working group

MUST have a [9] Brand-Led Service Delivery Strategy

“Branding” and brand-led delivery have already been addressed. Although little is needed at this early stage, the issue is on the workplan

MUST have a [10] Stakeholder Empowerment framework

Core to the stakeholder model established for IDESG

MUST have a [11] Customer Identity Management framework

Core to the whole program

MUST have a [12] Channel Management Framework

This has been adapted to the specific needs of the program, in sense of multiple identity authentication channels

MUST include [13] Channel Mapping

Some work started, ongoing activity

MUST address [14] Channel Transformation

Core to new models of identity and attribute provision – ongoing debate with key stakeholder groups (relying parties, IDPs and Attribute Providers)

MUST provide [15] Resources Management

Handled by NSTIC NPO, input from Management Council

MUST address [16] Technology Development and Management

Specific sub-committee of the Management Council set up tasked to handle this

MUST measure and manage [17] Critical Success Factors]

CSF being discussed and ‘dashboard’ approach for monitoring has been proposed

MUST address [18] Skills issues


MUST establish a [19] Supplier Partnership

Current and future roles within the ecosystem are being mapped out and explicit partnership rules being established for these and other relationships

MUST have a [20] Benefits Realization strategy

Under development


Best regards,



Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image013.jpg@01CCBA50.522AFA00

Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

web: www.peterfbrown.com

twitter: @pensivepeter


P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Phone : (310) 694-2278



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