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Subject: TGF v2

Apologies for the recent silence but it has taken Chris, Peter and I quite some time compiling the attached draft of TGF v2 for your consideration.  This draft encompasses the following:
- the merger of the existing Primer and Core Pattern language as agreed at the last TC meeting. I can assure members that the draft contains all the material from those existing documents but if anyone wants to see the audit trails I have those available.  It also includes all the recently agreed changes and new content and the positioning of those changes is shown in the attached Action Items file.
- some material from the existing documents is now we believe redundant given the passage of time since v1 and we recommend that it be deleted.  I have "parked" this material at Appendix D in the attached pending your agreement to its deletion.
- it includes a number of structural changes and new material suggested by Chris arising out of his work on the UK's Smart Cities Framework. See his separate note attached explaining his rationale for the proposed changes.  All the changes are shown as tracked changes in the attached as you will not have seen them before and hence have to be agreed by the TC.
At our TC meeting next week I would like as a minimum to get agreement to this initial draft as the way forward, albeit there is still some Q&A work still to do on it, and to agree that this working draft should proceed as a Draft Committee Specification.  So please take the time before the meeting to have a good read of it.  If you have any suggested changes show them as tracked changes in the Clean copy attached as that will be easier to handle than if made to the unclean copy. There will be further opportunities after the TC call to go through the detail before we finalise v2.
I will send out the other papers for the meeting and the call number next week.

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