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Subject: Re: [tgf] TGF and the Internet of Things

Producing a Committee Note makes sense to me and should be a useful output to guide the TGF adoption as well.


On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 2:44 AM, John Borras <johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Peter, Chris and I had a chat yesterday as a follow-up to our discussions on the last TC call about the possible new Platform Management pattern.  We discussed the suggestion on the TC call that we should be talking more about ecosystem management/governance rather than platform management and referred back to some of Peter's initial TGF Primer thinking on this aspect.

Our conclusions were broadly as follows:
- the IoT does not add anything fundamentally new to the TGF and therefore a new pattern is not required;
- the issues about IoT that need to be addressed in TGF programs relate to the governance aspects of utilising the new range of devices and not the technical issues;
- most if not all of the required governance aspects are already in the TGF but perhaps are not self-evident because they are spread across a number of patterns;
- we should produce a new Committee Note that discusses the relevant aspects of IoT, gives an overview of how to use the TGF in this context and points to the current TGF patterns that support the governance needs;
- the advantages of producing a new Committee Note are that:
     -  it can be done very much quicker than producing a TGF v3.0
     -  it allows us to write a much more discursive piece of text and diagrams, with recommendations rather than being constrained by having to write formal conformance clauses
     - it will not require a lot of new material as much of what needs to be said is already available in the TGF and can be supplemented by extracts from the draft Platform Management pattern and some of the diagrams that have already been put forward
     - we can produce a draft and get it out for Public Review quickly which will test the water and perhaps highlight updates for a future TGF v3.0 

I'm sure Peter and Chris will correct and add to any of the above points which attempt to summarise an hour's call. 

We obviously will need to discuss this on the next TC call before we attempt to put pen to paper on a new Committee Note, but it would be good to get some initial reaction to our recommendation please.


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