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Subject: Re: [tgf] TGF Patterns for the IoT Committee Note


This is a very good start Nig ;-)

I feel the win-win and service oriented approach with competing vendors from different technology platforms and different networked products are crucial for the service and citizen centric approach of the TGF work.

Being working with process control in different markets(ship & offshore, energy/utility,paper industry, home automation, healthcare etc etc) the interoperability layer has been solved through open APIs and open BUS-protocols many years ago. The new approach is the globalization requirement of merging "open" services on a functional XML level dealing with open information exchange in real time. ( Going from Local Automation to Global Automation ) This require an understanding of a hybrid information exchange structure.

The lowest control level is the process control of interacting networked devices of one or several interoperable BUS-protocols.( BUS interoperability) This is handled by different BUS-standards(technology standards) and their trade organizations. I recommend that this technology level should not be the the topic of the TGF approach. Never the less some of the functionalety in these systems needs to be exposed(mirrored) to a service level to be part of wanted interaction of different services(both public and private).
We do call this service level:
- Scenario composing on an individual user defined level.

This is the level of service templating we are dealing with in OASIS CAM and BCM.

Nig, I have earlier sent some slides of eDevice templating descriptions. Will it be useful trying to explain these OASIS CAM eDevice templates dictionaries in a more easier way for non technical people ?

Best regards

Siterer Greenaway Nigel <Nig.Greenaway@uk.fujitsu.com>:

Hi All,
As discussed on our call on 24/7, here is a note containing bullet points for each of the patterns identified in section 3.

As stated in the note I think the next actions are for everyone to look at the issues raised under 'IoT Delta' headings and
1)      agree that they are indeed issues
2)      agree that they are in the right place
3)      Identify any further issues that we should address in the CN.

Then, we need to look at the recommendations, comment upon them and identify any further ones.

I did originally offer to attempt to draft the full patterns for review by our meeting on 21st August. I don't think that will be possible given the need for the TC to comment on this note and my other commitments. Thus, I suggest that we aim to have this note (including a full set of recommendations) agreed by the end of that meeting. I hope that is acceptable.

In either case, I would appreciate comments as requested above ASAP and, wherever possible, I will incorporate them into a further issue of this note.



Nig Greenaway
Fujitsu Fellow

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