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Subject: Options for TGF and CAMSS

Hi everybody,

Here are some thoughts for Thursday’s discussion on this item.


What do we (TGF TC) think of and want to do with CAMSS?


One approach would be to have the European Commission hand over the entire CAMSS project and content to OASIS and have us then work it in to either a new version of the TGF or through a new, dedicated technical committee. Based on the discussions that I had in Brussels last month with Suzanne, it seems clear to me that this is not a viable option for a whole host of reasons.


At the other ‘extreme’, another approach would be for this TC to simply say “nice piece of work from the EU but nothing for TGF TC to do”. This is certainly a viable option. Currently, CAMSS is already referenced in the TGF Policy Product Matrix (Policy Product Type: Open Standards Procedures, see https://wiki.oasis-open.org/tgf/cell%20Technical%20Management/Organisational) but not in the TGF specification itself.


A key question is therefore: what are the expectations beyond such a limited reference?


Here are a few possibilities, in order of the possible scale of work involved, together with some personal observations:

1. add a reference to CAMSS in the relevant Pattern(s) within the TGF (for example in B5, B7, or T2

- any change to an approved OASIS deliverable would require us to go through the whole process again and create a TGF v3 – this is a relatively minor addition and difficult to justify on its own;

2. add (and properly attribute) some specific content from CAMSS within the TGF

- it could also be argued that TGF already covers many of the core concerns of CAMSS (particularly Pattern B7 around procurement; and Pattern T2 around technology management) without actually mentioning CAMSS.

3. add a new technology Pattern, T3, to cover the main principles of CAMSS

- when I first looked at this two years ago, I thought that this would be the easiest approach but the reality is that CAMSS covers a lot of ground and it is difficult if not impossible to fit all of the highest level of CAMSS ideas/principles within a single new TGF Pattern.

4. create a distinct set of “CAMSS inspired” Patterns as a new deliverable to the TGF

- This was an approach we discussed two years ago, based on my observations above. We would need to decide: editor; contributions; scope (within TGF scope); and whether it would be a Committee Note or a new Specification.

5. create a distinct new deliverable, possibly a Committee Note but not a set of TGF Patterns, that brings together best-practices and contributions from around the world. The idea being to generalize and abstract from the very specific EU-focused CAMSS and create a universally applicable set of guidelines for assessing role of standards.

- CAMSS could inspire this, as could contributions from NIST and others who have done similar work. CAMSS could then be referenced as an EU-specific “profile” of these guidelines.


Both 4 and 5 would involve a distinct new work item, rather than a revision of an existing one. I attach a sketch of what a new item (4) could start to look like, if we decided to pursue this. This material and structure could also be used if we went with option (5). This is *not* currently a contribution in the formal sense, as we would still need to check with the European Commission about usage rights, copyright, etc. although all the signals to date have been positive.


I hope this helps the discussion!







Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant


”Using Information Technologies to Empower and Transform”

200 S Barrington Ave., #49719

Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Tel: +1.310.694.2278



Attachment: TGF-PL-CAMSS-v1.0-wd01-2015-03-17.docx
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