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Subject: Next meeting of the TGF TC - Tuesday, 29 March @ 10.00am US Eastern Time

Hi all,

Based on the poll results, The next meeting of the OASIS TGF TC will take place on Tuesday 29 March 2016 at 10.00am US Eastern Daylight Time


Both Europe and North America will have moved to daylight savings time – please double check your own time zones for implications.


I will work with Nig to establish a draft agenda for the meeting and send this out to you all in the next week or so. Please let either of us know if you have any issues that we cover in the draft agenda that we might not catch.


Best regards,




Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant, Polymath

Certified Privacy professional (CIPT)

Member, Institute of Directors

”Using Information Technologies to Empower and Transform”










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