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tgf message

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Subject: Next meeting of the OASIS TGF TC

Hello all,

Many thanks for you all for persevering through this transition period. After consultation with Nig and taking account of the highest availability of folk for a call next week, I went for the Wednesday option. You will have received the separate Skype meeting notice as a calendar invitation for that.

As regards agenda for next week, there are two main items:

- election of new Chair: as many of you know, I agreed only to act as an interim and Nig Greenaway of Fujitsu has now offered to serve;

- review of work, notably progress of the TGF v2 beyond a Committee Specification

Best regards and talk next week,




Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant, Polymath

Certified Privacy professional (CIPT)

Member, Institute of Directors

”Using Information Technologies to Empower and Transform”










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