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Subject: Dubai use of the TGF

Dear all


I mentioned on the TC call yesterday that the Government of Dubai is now publically acknowledging its use of the TGF.  This is just to follow up with some detail.


One of the major planks of the Smart Dubai strategy is a drive to ensure that all government data is either published openly or managed as a shared asset across the government as a whole.  This requires a transition to a new operating model across the government as a whole, underpinned by a major change programme – which CS Transform is providing expert support on.  As part of that, we drafted what has now been published as the ‘Dubai Data Manual’: which describes the new operating model and the changes which all government agencies must put in place.  This is available here: http://dubaidata.ae/ , where you will need to click on the manual’s icon at the top right of the web page.


As you will see, the Manual makes clear that the whole approach is deeply rooted in TGF and BSI’s PAS 181, which are explicitly referenced on pages 7, 11, 12, 14, and 28.  


Now that this has been published, I plan to broach the subject of getting a statement of use from them.


Best regards,



Chris Parker

Managing Partner

CS Transform limited


T: +44 7951 754060

F: +44 207 681 3908

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