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Subject: Implementation phase of OASIS TGF framework along with the OASIS CAM and BCM templating standards!

Hi all TGF members,
Even if the further work on the TGF TC has not been so active we in EPR-forum is now in an implementation phase of the TGF framework in several EU-programs and deliveries.
We (EPR-forum and IT & Integration AS) have been working on the TGF concept through www.IoTastic.eu (Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart solutions with IoT). Until now we have implemented the IoTastic templating engines in several municipalities in the healthcare sector here in Scandinavia. IoTastic has two templating engines:
1) IoT process control engine
2) Workflow scenario engine.
Both using template processing methodology (OASIS TGF, CAM and BCM standards).
The TGF framework and the CAM editor developed in OASIS CAM TC will also be crucial regarding handling Agnostic systems in the years to come.
The total history background of IoTastic concept and Smart Solutions you can see here in a Prezi-presentation: https://prezi.com/view/Hta1zbfJWkm6LzLQ04wJ
Next step is now on implementing TGF based IoTastic in Smart Grid and Smart City projects in several EU-programs as  www.MarTERA.eu and https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/ 
When consortiums and application grants have been more settled, updates will come here on the OASIS TGF TC!
Best regards
Hans A. Kielland Aanesen

COB IT & Integration AS www.IoTastic.eu
CEO IaM group AS www.IaM-group.eu
CEO EPR-forum


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