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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] using UDDI for PSI

Title: [tm-pubsubj-comment] using UDDI for PSI

The samples for PS identifiers discussed so far have the form of an URL containing an anchor, like
"http://psi.topicmaps.org/pubsubj/pubsubj.xtm#description", where "description" is the anchor's name.
This is a valid value for xlink:href (equals XML Schema datatype "anyURI") and it will work as a PS identifier.

If you want to give access to information about the PS "description" by using this ident as a physical web link, you will have to provide a document (html or xml) containing an anchor (or ID) named "description". Of course you can do that.

If you are publishing a complete taxonomy (like a thesaurus) you may want to publish several hundred thousends of subjects as one collection. I would not like this to be done in one (1) document, as it would load very slow, and it is not easy to be maintained.

In this case I would prefer to install a database web interface that might be accessed by an URL like
"http://psi.topicmaps.org/pubsubj/pubsubj?id=description" (the little difference: no anchored document, but a HTTP GET request with parameter).

To be synchronized with XML standards this would preferably be implemented as a Web Service (maybe bound to a SOAP call).

(see Carol Geyer on "CEO Discusses OASIS Role in Web Services" at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/members/200202/msg00002.html).

You will describe your service (including your choice of XML-structure such as XTM, RDF, or whatsoever) in a WSDL (http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl) document.

If you really want to publish such a PSI Web Service you would like to register it in some UDDI (www.uddi.org) registry.

They have already thought about this - not even noticing PSI.
See "Providing a Taxonomy for Use in UDDI Version 2" at "http://www.uddi.org/pubs/bp-taxonomy-provider-V1.00-Final-20010717.pdf"

All this is ready to be used and widely accepted, and imo it meets our requirements.

In my scenario the Oasis TM Member Section would maintain a specialized UDDI registry.
Whosoever wants to publish a PS Web Service will maintain this service herself, being only registered in the PSI-UDDI-reg, following some closer guidelines to be thought about.


Thomas Bandholtz
XML Competence Center
Sema GmbH
Kaltenbornweg 3
D50679 Köln/Cologne
++49 (0)221 8299 264

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