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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Comments on ontopia strawman - part 1

> > I'm not sure how else we might differentiate PSI topics from non-PSI
> > topics. Creating a PSI for PSIs and making the PSI topics instances of
> > this type is not an alternative, because that would amount to saying
> > that, say, (the company) Ontopia is an instance of the class Published
> > Subject Indicator, which it obviously is not.

>Nope. This is IMO clearly a topic type mismatch. The topic in the PSI 
>DocSet should not
>represent Ontopia company itself, but the *PSI for Ontopia*, which is a 
>different subject.
>And in fact you declare it somehow that way in your comment:
><!--  This is the topic that is the subject indicator for Ontopia  -->
>If we have a generic PSI for the class PSI, at e.g.
>Therefore every topic used as psi could indeed be declared like 
><instanceOf> the above,
>providing you make clear that your topic represents the (addressable) 
>subject *PSI for
>Ontopia*, not the (non-addressable) subject *Ontopia* itself. If the topic 
>represents the PSI, its subject is addressable, and the auto-reference - 
>which I have no
>objection to - should therefore be asserted by a <resourceRef> element. 
>Note that I
>changed the id wording to stress the point.
><topic id="psi-ontopia">
><subjectIndicatorRef xlink:href="http://psi.oasis-open.org/pubsubj/psi.html"/>
>xlink:href="http://psi.ontopia.net/ontopia/ontopia.xtm#ontopia" />
>  ...

The typing is a good idea and would help make the distinction.

However if you are adding psi-ontopia, are you suggesting  to include 
additional topics besides ontopia, oks, omnigator, pepper by including 
psi-ontopia, psi-oks, psi-omnigator, and psi-pepper, in the same map in 
your example? Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think that we lost the self-reference in your example above. Please 
correct me if I am wrong.

But I don't think that it is necessary to rename these or have "doubles" 
one with psi and one without.

 From what I can see, when the subject identity is the topic itself, the 
topic  with the description (very much needed)  is the subject. The subject 
is the topic.

In addition, instead of

<resourceRef xlink:href="http://psi.ontopia.net/ontopia/ontopia.xtm#ontopia" />

(I would  remove psi from psi.ontopia.net, I agree with you) and instead 
use it in the filename to indicate that it is a psi set psi-ontopic.xtm -- 
we do need some way to distinguish the psi maps versus non psi maps.  - -)

How about this?
xlink:href="http://www.ontopia.net/ontopia/psi-ontopia.xtm#ontopia" />

Now let's say we have another topic map  WITH "IDENTICAL" TOPICS  let's say 
ontopia, oks, onmigator, pepper  in  file ontopia.xtm and the map will use 
the subject identifiers that were already declared in psi-ontopia.xtm.

These subject identifiers can then be used in any  other map that we need 
to establish subject identity (The psi of pepper  in psi-ontopia.xtm is 
only used for subject identity and is different from Ontopian Steve 
Pepper  in ontopia.xtm, and with subject identity we know that we have 
Ontopian Steve Pepper.)

In the ontopia.xtm file  for example, we  could have this:

<topic id="ontopia">
<subjectIndicatorRef xlink:href="#company"/>
xlink:href="http://www.ontopia.net/ontopia/psi-ontopia.xtm#ontopia" />

and this
<topic id="pepper">
<subjectIndicatorRef xlink:href="#person"/>
xlink:href="http://www.ontopia.net/ontopia/psi-ontopia.xtm#pepper" />

I hope that this isn't too much, but I could see it work.

These psi sets are the source for the subject identifier and indicators 
that can be used in other maps. The psi TMs were not meant to be "merged" 
with other maps. Is this the intention?


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