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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] RE: [topicmaps-comment] referring to a topic fromoutside a TM -- PURL

Title: RE: [topicmaps-comment] referring to a topic from outside a TM -- PURL

[Mary Nishikawa]
> The question is, do
> we really need to be taken  directly to the anchor in the file? Isn't it
> enough to be taken to the file containing the published subject? In
> this case, it may be a good idea to have the metadata near the top of the
> file, to make it a little easier for the person looking for this information.

See what just has been recommended by PubSubj:
"4.4.1 - Every PS Indicator in a PS DocSet shall be identified by, and retrievable through an unique canonical URI.
This canonical URI is the corresponding PS Identifier, uniquely defined in the PS DocSet namespace."
Note: ***Every*** PS Indicator, not only the whole set.

Regarding http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tm-pubsubj/docs/mni/psi-unspsc-71.htm#010295,
I wonder how many lines are in this file. If you are just directed to the top, the only chance to find #010295 is by inspecting the (X)HTML code to find that anchor.

> No, PURLs cannot be bookmarked, but do we need a bookmarking capability for
> published subjects?

A URI is a URI is a URI. If we provide a canoical URI, anybody should be able to do anything he is used to with a URI, including stting bookmarks or copying an URL from the browsers URL field into a mail to a colleague, etc....

> The most important requirement for published subjects I think is this, to
> have a URL that is persistent so that someone who is using my PSIs two
> years from now will be able to merge them with their own.

It's not only for merging. There will be engines that want to process a single subject's identity on the fly. We must not only think about some engaged taxonimist people who want to spend a week or so reading all the PSI set.

> It would be very
> nice if we could resolve the URL to see who the publisher is, and find out
> other pertinent information. If a company or organization can guarantee the
> persistence of their URL, then they would not need to register with PURL.
> Others who cannot, may want to use PURL.

May be the coming OASIS member section may provide a persitistent *hosting* (not redirection) of PSI sets. This would work.


Thomas Bandholtz
XML Network
Competence Center Content Management
Sema GmbH
Kaltenbornweg 3
D50679 Köln/Cologne
+49 (0)221 8299 264

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