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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Term referencing with URIs and Published Subjects

From Requirements for OWL (W3C Ontology Web Language)


4 Requirements
Ontologies as distinct objects
Ontologies must be objects that have their own unique identifiers, such as a URI
Unambiguous term referencing with URIs
Two terms in different ontologies must have distinct absolute identifiers (although they
may have identical relative identifiers).
It must be possible to uniquely identify a term in an ontology using a URI reference.


This is definitely an use case for Published Subjects.

So I invite people in OASIS PubSubj TC to have a close look at OWL Requirements
at above quoted address,
and people in Web Ontology Working Group to have a close look at Published Subjects
ongoing work at

BTW Eric Miller said publicly last week in KT 2002 at Seattle that the answer to my
"Are Published Subjects relevant to the Semantic Web?"
was "Definitely YES" ...

... and therefore disappeared with the floppy of my presentation :))

So ... what's next?

Bernard Vatant
Chair - OASIS TM PubSubj Technical Committee

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