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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Good PSIs never die

No one has yet said that the documentation would be XML ! But even so which is more human readable:


<book-title>XML Meta Data</book-title>
  <author>Kal Ahmed</author>
  <author>Danny Ayers</author>
<description> -- blurb about the book goes here </description>

I would suggest that XML of the first form is "machine-readable" and XML of the second form is "human-readable". But depending upon the system(s) involved, the first form might be the only form that can be automatically generated for the subject indicator.

We have been talking about XTM, RDF, XHTML, customized XML so far - all this is XML. But you may be right - needs not to be XML. But I think it should not be binary encoded.
Readability only depends on the specific intelligence implemented in the machine/human.
If I (human, hopefully) understand the encoding of <auth-code> etc., I can read it.
If a machine doesn't, it cannot read it neither.

Thomas Bandholtz
XML Network
Competence Center Content Management
Sema GmbH
Kaltenbornweg 3
D50679 Köln/Cologne
+49 (0)221 8299 264

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