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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Tuesday conference


> Topic map is an intelectual asset we can be proud of.

Sure enough. But it's no more than that.

> TM is the best solution for PSI. I don't really see any alternative. Let's make them
> currently ouside our "realm" integrate TM into their own thinking. They have
> nothing equivalent. Sure they have other important contributions we should
> learn from and use, but they have nothing like topic maps.

Well ... this looks to me way too much fundamentalist. We are not in a position to say :
"We've got the best tool one can dream of (topic maps). Come together and hear, folks,
throw away anything else and become True Believers! ..."

Like any fundamentalist viewpoint, that's both politically and technically unsustainable.

> Hm... i did not loose any key. Whom are you talking about?

Well ... nobody in particular. Just one more of my silly metaphors :))


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