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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Re: data vs doc

I try to catch up with the debate, sorry to be late and partial ...


> (a) There is one very concrete unsolved issue:
> Using docs, we have the fragment identifier #myTopic.
> Using data in a machine, we have the query ?id=myTopic.
> Both will work and serve as a valid URI reference, but only in its dedicated media.
> When the PSI set moves from doc to data or vice versa, the URI needs to be changed!

I don't figure what you mean by "when the PSI set moves". One fundamental and necessary
feature of a PSI set is indeed *not to move*. Either your PSI set is doc-based, either
it's data-based. Of course you will need different applications to use the former or the
latter. That's why the PS Doc should include a description of the application type needed
to use it.

If you want both applications to be able to deal for your subjects set, then you'll have
to create both doc-based and data-based PSI sets, and maybe declare equivalence in each
Subject Indicator, e.g., the resource you retrieve at #myTopic somehow declares that it
represents the same subject than ?id=myTopic. This notion of equivalent PSIs we have
really to settle clearly.

So you'll have two distinct sets of PSIs, fit for distinct applications, but one set of
subjects. That's why we need the notion of "subjects set".

Does that make sense to you?


Bernard Vatant
Consultant - Mondeca
Chair - OASIS TM PubSubj Technical Committee

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