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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Barcelona minutes


Thanks for your feedback.

> Thanks for publishing the notes. As a lurker, these are very helpful.
> More and more I'm convinced of a growing set of common functional
> requirements for the effective managing data on the Web.

Could you expand on that, and what you mean by "functional requirements"?

> A couple of quick questions if I may...

You are welcome :))

> Can you provide an example of what an application might get
> dereferencing a PSI.  If I do an http GET on
> http://psi.fruits.org/#apple for example, what do I get back in the HTTP
> header, message body, etc.?

That's the next step. Steve Pepper should deliver an example of such an XHTML file ASAP.

> Also, the above clarification to item #3 uses 'e.g'; were other means of
> articulating formal assertions discussed?  If so, how in practice do you
> anticipate supporting this requirement?  (e.g.  RDDL, HTTP
> content-negotiation, other?)

Well. No other means than XTM were technically discussed so far. The expression of Rec#3
only means that there is no *required* syntax for those assertions, and the door is open
to any other relevant suggestions ...

Stay tuned


Bernard Vatant
Consultant - Mondeca
Chair - OASIS TM PubSubj Technical Committee

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