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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] PSI discussed at Open Directory Forum

I've started a thread about PSIs and ODP categories at the public Open Directory Forum.
Just start at: http://resource-zone.com/ubbthreads.php

Under "General ODP issues" the thread is "Categories structure and URLs stability"

The actual thread URL is terribly long and weird, and I'm not sure it will work here:

You will see that permanence of categories URLs is addressed in ODP by systematic
redirecting policy.
This is something we've not discussed yet ... (one more issue?)

Despite all the awful things I've said and/or written about Open Directory (been there,
done that ...) I think it would be a good thing to attract the attention of this (quite
large) community on Published Subjects, because first they deal with the largest available
legacy of subjects on the Web, and second, despite all its drawbacks, it's widely used and
certainly here to stay for a while.

You're welcome of course to join the thread.


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