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tm-pubsubj-comment message

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Subject: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Reminder on good use of mailing lists ...

*Lars Marius
> The discussions have been taking place on the "tm-pubsubj" list, which
> is only meant for TC members. (I suggest you try subscribing and see
> what happens. OASIS might well let you subscribe). Personally I think
> that is a very bad idea, and that we should stop using that list for
> anything but arrangements relating to meetings and concalls.

 ... Seems that thread originated somewhere in Norway, no? <look away/>

Anyway. I agree. That is exactly what should be done and it has been said at the beginning
of the TC and several times since.
I will add for this "private" list calls and replies for vote on motions - but people tend
to drift to other issues even inside their votes cast ... <look away again/>

So please folks try to think twice when starting a thread, and three times when following
up. Those who reply generally follow up on the same list, even if it is the wrong one ...

Thank you !


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