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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Published vs Public


> At 22:49 20/08/02 +0200, Bernard Vatant wrote:
> >So it seems to me that Deliverable 1 introduction should take that point
> >into account, and
> >replace existing references to the "Web" (semantic or otherwise) to a more
> >generic
> >"network" defined as a system where humans and machines want to exchange
> >information about
> >subjects, and where resources that network's members have access to are
> >addressable
> >through URIs (definition subject to re-wording). The same way we moved the
> >specification
> >from specific "topic maps" to a more generic "applications" ...
> >
> >Waiting the consensus on that to furbish the prose accordingly - not much
> >to do actually.
> I agree 100%. As far as I was concerned, this was also the rationale for the
> change of name from 13250 to XTM, which has since been adopted by WG3. The SAM
> also uses "published" and I know of nobody who wants to revert back to the old
> terminology.

OK. We are tuned.

> We should use the terminology that best captures the full generality, so
> "network"
> is more appropriate than "Web" - although you might consider using the Web to
> exemplifying what we mean by a network, e.g. "a network (such as the Web)",
> if you
> think that might make things more explicit.

That is basically what I have done in the new draft ... with a little anticipation of your
answer :)

Other comments welcome.



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