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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Examples in Deliverable 1

> I am very grateful to Lars Marius for trying to help me avoid taking on too
> many responsibilities (God knows, I need that help :). But I do also want
> to contribute actively to the work of the committee, so I am willing to
> take on the task of redoing the fruits example.

Cool. looking forward to seeing it worked out.

> As I understand from Lars Marius, the example is to contain *no syntax
> whatever*.

??? Lars Marius, please expand on what you understand by that.
That is not what I got from the meeting. But maybe I've missed something ...

> On the other hand, the minutes state that the "specific syntax
> given in the example should be well thought out". Can you clarify this
> before I get started?

Well. Under this cryptic sentence is the fact we discussed that people are likely to jump
to examples without reading the prose ...
but basically I thought we were still in agreement that XHTML and RDF syntaxes were
relevant for examples, in insisting that they are not required nor even specifically

Other views on that?



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