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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Fwd : On "prohibition" of XTM and URNs

* Lars Marius Garshol
| Just a small nit: URN schemes which are not registered should have
| names beginning with 'x-'. I'm guessing that yours is not
| registered. :)

* Murray Altheim
| That's only if one accepts the dictates of authority. :-) I look
| around me on the web and see most don't follow x-, simply because
| those In Control have made it neigh impossible to register URN
| schemes. While at Sun we had a hell of time getting "urn:sun"
| (or Bill Smith with "urn:oasis", if I remember correctly).

Sure, but it doesn't cost much to stick that little 'x-' in front and
be compliant. To use a Kantian argument: what if everyone were to do
this? URNs wouldn't work very well any more, would they?

* Lars Marius Garshol
| Exactly, hence in part our preference for making the indicators
| themselves HTML with optional metadata in XTM/RDF.
* Murray Altheim
| or XHTML. 

Some people like that. I'm not too keen on it myself.

| I guess we're thinking alike.

It seems that way. 
* Lars Marius Garshol
| I'd just like a PSI for "topic documentation." Make a web page that
| describes the subject and you're there.
* Murray Altheim
| No, I want *everyone* that publishes XTM-based PSI sets to use the
| same PSI, how else can we write tools to locate the author's
| documentation? 

Fair enough, but we can't achieve that just yet, so why not start with
something more limited first?

| I can't use "http://www.altheim.com/psi/documentation"; and expect to
| be able to share my topic maps with any idea that tools will locate
| the documentation provided.

Not yet, no.
* Murray Altheim
| A web page is full of potential URIs-as-PSIs. There needs to be
| a simple way of designating which IDs on the page are those URIs,

Does there? I'm not at all sure this is needed. Assuming you could do
this, what would it give you? As far as I can tell it wouldn't give
you anything at all, since the only thing a processor would be able to
discover lots of instances of "URI X is the identifier of some

As long as that's all you know about the subject you don't really know
anything. If you sent out a robot and found 2 million of these you'd
basically have a mess. :)

Lars Marius Garshol, Ontopian         <URL: http://www.ontopia.net >
ISO SC34/WG3, OASIS GeoLang TC        <URL: http://www.garshol.priv.no >

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