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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Examples in Deliverable 1

*Lars Marius

> We agreed in Montréal that the existing example was bad because it
> made recommendations in addition to those made in the document
> itself. I also made the point that doing a full example with syntax
> etc would implicitly make recommendations about syntax, even though
> Deliverable #1 itself does not do this, and I thought that was a bad
> idea. At the time I thought people agreed with me, but they have
> actually agreed with something else. :)

It seems indeed that there has been misunderstanding here. At some point in the meeting I
was asked to work out Steve's example, getting rid of extra recommendations that were not
specified outside the example, but not of the syntax.

OTOH it would make sense to me to push any specific syntactical example to Deliverable 2

> Well, I don't think RDF is any *more* relevant than XTM, nor any
> less. I would use both in Deliverable #2, but neither in #1.

> The examples already in Deliverable #1 seem to me sufficient as they
> are. I don't think we need anything more, provided we explain them.

Not even the XHTML example?


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