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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Baltimore minutes

* Steve Pepper
| Did we change "#NOR" back to "#nor"? I can't remember. Lars Marius
| was going to double check the text of the standard.

* Bernard Vatant
| It seems to me that after several back-and-forth, we decided to keep
| NOR. Lars Marius?

Turns out that ISO 639 is all lowercase, so it should be "#nor". It's
ISO 3166 that is all uppercase, but there we use the numbers, so it
doesn't matter.
* Steve Pepper
| I do not recall discussing the PSI "http://psi.oasis-open.org/"; and
| see no need for it myself, at least not yet, so ex1 should go away.
* Bernard Vatant
| [...] If we set as a general practice that in a "psi namespace", any
| URL could be used as a PSI, it is likely that some will use the top
| URL itself. So we've better explicit ourselves its semantics than
| let other interpret it, in so many ways.

As I recall, we agreed on the principle that every published subject
indicator we make should include the identifier explicitly in the
text, and if we do that it will be clear that this is not a subject

I don't think this really is a problem. People will do stupid things,
no matter what we do. What we need to do is to be clear, so that to
those who try to find out it is clear what we mean.

Lars Marius Garshol, Ontopian         <URL: http://www.ontopia.net >
ISO SC34/WG3, OASIS GeoLang TC        <URL: http://www.garshol.priv.no >

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