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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Baltimore minutes

Lars Marius

Given the number of comments on the minutes, either I did not attend the
right meeting in Baltimore, either I was very tired (or both).

|Turns out that ISO 639 is all lowercase, so it should be "#nor". It's
|ISO 3166 that is all uppercase, but there we use the numbers, so it
|doesn't matter.

OK. Will fix that in the minutes.

|* Steve Pepper
|| I do not recall discussing the PSI "http://psi.oasis-open.org/"; and
|| see no need for it myself, at least not yet, so ex1 should go away.
|* Bernard Vatant
|| [...] If we set as a general practice that in a "psi namespace", any
|| URL could be used as a PSI, it is likely that some will use the top
|| URL itself. So we've better explicit ourselves its semantics than
|| let other interpret it, in so many ways.
|As I recall, we agreed on the principle that every published subject
|indicator we make should include the identifier explicitly in the
|text, and if we do that it will be clear that this is not a subject

OK. I did miss that point during the meeting, but it's a good one. And
it certainly has to be included in the recommendations of Deliverable 2,
something like:

"A Published Subject Indicator should include an explicit declaration of
its identifier." 


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