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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Baltimore minutes


At 22:11 21.12.2002 +0900, Mary Nishikawa wrote:
>>Did we change "#NOR" back to "#nor"? I can't remember. Lars Marius
>>was going to double check the text of the standard.
>If you take a look at the Geolang minutes from Montreal it was decided to 
>use the the numeric codes of the ISO standards.   These minutes need to be 
>voted on. What is proposed here seems to contradict that decision.

We decided even back in Barcelona to use numeric codes ... for ISO 3166, 
which has them. ISO 639 doesn't, so we decided to use the three-letter 
alpha codes for ISO 639.

>It would be good if we did agree and go forward, but I do not know if this 
>is for the Published Subjects Committee discussion.

It was the principled discussion about following the "source" to the letter 
that came up during the PubSubj meeting. I just couldn't remember what Lars 
Marius said the standard actually uses: upper or lower case. The 
recommendation was to go with whatever is in the standard.

>Following what Lars Marius already proposed, the human readable file was 
>the index file in directory iso639 and it will be changed to  639?
>Going with the numeric codes,  the psi for Norway would be this:

639 is languages. You are referring to countries (3166). Apart from that, 
we are in complete agreement :)


Steve Pepper, Chief Executive Officer <pepper@ontopia.net>
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Ontopia AS, Waldemar Thranes gt. 98, N-0175 Oslo, Norway.
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