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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Baltimore minutes

The "second bullet" has been modified. Hope everybody is happy with it


Bernard Vatant
Knowledge Engineering
Mondeca - www.mondeca.com
OASIS Published Subjects Technical Committee

|-----Original Message-----
|From: Steve Pepper [mailto:pepper@ontopia.net]
|Sent: mercredi 1 janvier 2003 20:09
|To: tm-pubsubj-comment
|At 04:43 30.12.2002 +0100, Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
|>Given the choice between stability and memorability I believe we
|>should choose stability every single time. In fact, the two are
|>fundamentally opposed, because having identifiers that are meaningful
|>to humans means there will be reasons to change those identifiers
|>based on what they mean to humans. (The ROM -> ROU change in ISO 3166
|>is an excellent example of this.) If the identifiers are meaningless,
|>on the other hand, this is not a problem.
|I agree, and this was also the point made at the meeting. We lean
|towards human memorability where possible, but not to the detriment
|of stability. Bernard, can you modify the second bullet under 5.
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