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tm-pubsubj message

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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] TC members and candidates

Hello all

The deadline for inscription to the TC is today. Unless last minute candidates suddenly appear, the TC members candidate list should be set as follows, provided OASIS eligibility, which I think is OK for everyone.

1. The original Montréal "knights"
submitters of the TC draft charter.

-- Bernard Vatant, Mondeca (chair)
-- Murray Altheim, Sun Microsystems
-- Steve Pepper, Ontopia
-- Holger Rath, empolis

2. Have formally submitted for TC participation in due time:

-- James David Mason
Provisional Technical Officer
Topic Maps OASIS Member Section

-- Suellen Stringer-Hye
Jean and Alexander Heard Library
Vanderbilt University

Suellen has been very much involved in pushing Topic Maps technology into the librarian community.

-- Peter Flynn
Silmaril Consultants
"Peter has been using and designing information systems since the 1970s and was an early adopter of SGML and LaTeX. In addition to his work for Silmaril, Peter works for {HYPERLINK "http://www.ucc.ie/"}UCC, where he introduced SGML in 1988 and the Web in 1991. He is the author of {HYPERLINK "http://imbolc.ucc.ie/~pflynn/books/"}two books on HTML, SGML, and XML."

-- Frehiwot Fisseha
-- Stephen Katz
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The FAO has been for months interested by TM approach in the frame of AGRIS/CLARIS : multilingual data bases and thesaurus on food and agriculture.
Would like to develop a specific TC. I suggested to them to get involved first in the general TC.

3. Pending case

-- Mary Y. Nishikawa
Technical Editor & EDMS Support & XML Evangelist
Technique/ InTouch Documentation - Schlumberger K. K.

Being based in Japan, Mary would have difficulties to join the TC meetings given the time of day (night). See her October 12 message to the list.
I don't know her status concerning OASIS. If she's eligible, suggest to keep her on the list, even if she can't attend the meeting.

I'll post ASAP the co-call number and a proposition of agenda.

Thanks for your interest

*********************************** Bernard Vatant - Consultant bernard.vatant@mondeca.com Mondeca - "Making Sense of Content" www.mondeca.com ***********************************

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