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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] definitive membership list for first meeting

The deadline for inscription being over, the following list is a
definitive one. People in this list both have formally registered to
participate in the TC, and are eligible (either OASIS individual
members, either affiliated to an OASIS member company)

They should all participate in the October 30 co-call meeting to see
that membership validated.

As we are more than expected, we'll have to be quite rigourous on
agenda. To gain on presentations time, I propose to make a web
page gathering everyone's profile: who they are, why they are
interested in the TC, what expertise they can bring, etc ... so that
eveyone can have those informations at hand in a single place
during the first meeting.

For those I don't know too well: if you think what you have sent
already to me or to the list is relevant, I will make with it.
Otherwise, feel free to send me a digest of your own.



OASIS Topic Maps Published Subjects TC
Membership list as of October 16, 2001

Founding members (Montréal - August 18, 2001)

-- Bernard Vatant, Mondeca (Chair)
-- Murray Altheim, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
-- Steve Pepper, Ontopia
-- H. Holger Rath, empolis GmbH

Have registered for TC membership in due time (October 15)

-- James David Mason
(Technical Officer for TopicMaps.Org OASIS Member Section)

-- Ted Cooper, Cohesia

-- Frehiwot Fisseha
-- Peter Flynn
-- Stephen Katz
-- Eamonn Neylon
-- Mary Nishikawa
-- Suellen Stringer-Hye


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