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tm-pubsubj message

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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] TC meeting October 30 (again)

My previous message seems to have been bugged somehow.
Sorry about that. This one should read better.

The first Pubsubj TC meeting will be a conference call.

Time : October 30 : 16.00 - 18.00 UTC
Warning! In Europe at least, we are changing to "winter-time" two days before.
Please check your local time.

Call-in number to be delivered

Please note that cost of connection to this number is in charge of each participant.

Only people who are eligible and have formally registered by the chair in due time 
are allowed to participate in the meeting. The list is on TC Web Page.

Proposed Agenda

Preliminary Note.
This first meeting will be mainly "administrative", but I'd like we could start some 
technical work anyway. 

1. Welcome, roll call and presentation of members.
Please take time to have a look at:
Designation of secretary(ies) for the meeting minutes. 
Volunteers are welcome to register before the meeting.

2. Review of OASIS TC Process and IPR policy
Please take time to have a preliminary look at:

3. Review of TC Charter.
Some points to consider particularly:

3.a. Scope - Are Publish Subjects relevant only to TM applications field,
or do they extend beyond to a wider scope? 

3.b. Is the content in the three sections in "Statement of Purpose"
(Definition, Management, Application) explicit enough?

3.c. Calendar of deliverables. The initial calendar was following 
a +/- three weeks periodicity, and coordination of deliverables with
events/conferences and matching meetings of TopicMaps.Org.
If we stick to that, we could have the following schedule.
(keeping co-call on Tuesday 16.00 UTC and F2F on Friday the weeks of conferences)

01. 2001-10-30 (co-call)
02. 2001-11-20 (co-call)
03. 2001-12-14 (F2F) 	XML 2001 Orlando - 1st deliverable (Requirements)

04. 2002-01-08 (co-call)
05. 2002-01-29 (co-call) 
06. 2002-02-19 (co-call) 
07. 2002-03-15 (F2F) 	Knowledge Technologies 2002 Seattle - 2nd deliverable 

08. 2002-04-02 (co-call) 
09. 2002-04-23 (co-call) 
10. 2002-05-24 (F2F) 	XML Europe 2002 Barcelona - 3rd deliverable (Management) 

11. 2002-06-11 (co-call) 
12. 2002-07-02 (co-call) 
13. 2002-07-23 (co-call) 
14. 2002-08-09 (F2F) 	Extreme Markup 2002 Montréal - 4th deliverable (Application)

4. Membership and Mailing List
Vote on allowing OASIS members to subscribe to the Mailing list, 
even if they are not members of the TC. (This vote is required by OASIS staff in all TCs)

5. Special TC duties 
The following are default duties of the chair, but can be delegated.
a. editor
b. secretary
c. webmaster
d. liaisons with other standards groups or OASIS TCs

The chair would like to keep on with c. He would gladly delegate to, or be seconded by 
volunteer English Native Speakers for a. and b. What goes under d. is to be debated 

6. Subcommittees and/or Specific Published Subjects TC. 
6.a. The Charter limits TC tasks to general recommendations. Specific fields (e.g. 
Food and Agriculture) should be managed by specific TCs. Should they be 
subcommittees of Pubsubj TC
or completely autonomous, like e.g. XML PSI TC?
6.b. Proposal : Define a subcommittee for the question of "generic" PSIs (not specific 
to a field or industry)

7. Ongoing technical work. 
Not much so far ... I've posted some personal stuff at
Bring your stuff in, send your comments etc ... 

8. Next meeting(s) schedule
See above 3.c.

9. Breakfast, Coffee, Elevenses, Lunch, High Tea, Apéritif, Dinner, Night Cup ... 
depending on where you call from. 

Looking forward to hear you all.


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