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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] October 30 co-call UTC time and call-in number

I had a remark about non-conformance of UTC and PST 
on the TC web page. Shame on me ... The best way to avoid 
further ambiguity will be for me to cut off any reference to any local 
time and stick to UTC. As an European, I have trouble enough with 
daylight savings here, and don't want to bother with all those weird 
transatlantic time references :o))
My astronomical background tends to make me always use UTC 
anyway. And BTW, UTC is a very good standard Published 
Subject, and I wonder why all international groups do not use it in a 
systematic way, as astronomers have done for years :))

So : I confirm the co-call time is 16.00 - 18.00 UTC

The call-in number is (a France-Telecom service)

33 1 46 16 93 82

Thanks for your attention


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