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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] Audience for TM PS

To expand on Eamonn's proposition, which could seem cryptic for 
those who did not attend ...

Adding the target audience of the recommendations to the 
requirements is a way to internally help us focus on more specific 
objectives, and externally a way to show that we have a (hopefully) 
realistic vision of the context in which those recommendations 
could effectively be adopted. This does not prevent from further 
uses, but the focus on potential early adopters seems a good 
In filigran to this proposition, is the shared opinion that it is not 
realistic to target *the* Semantic Web ( la TBL) field, but rather 
envision use of PS inside more controlled environments like 
enterprise or community portals. 
In that perspective, "published" does not mean necessarily 
"publicly available for everyone and every purpose through WWW" 
but rather
"available for a community using a shared environment and 

That is also maybe something we could explicitly add in the 
Statement of Purpose, to clearly situate the TC objectives and 
strategy concerning various "semantic" current viewpoints.


On 20 Nov 2001, at 18:16, Eamonn Neylon wrote:

During the conference call today we discussed the need fo some descripion of
who the recommendations are for. For this part of the scope statement:

"Neither ISO 13250 nor XTM 1.0 provide Topic Maps authors, managers and
users with any concrete hint of what that process should be, excepted the
general recommendation to refer to authoritative Published Subjects. The
purpose of OASIS Topic Maps Published Subjects Technical Committee is to
promote efficient use of Published Subjects by specifying recommendations,
requirements and best practices, for their definition, management and

It is proposed to add the following about audience to the above (as per

"for ontology managers and topic map engine developers"



Eamonn Neylon
Manifest Solutions
John Eccles House, Oxford Science Park
Oxford, OX4 4GP, United Kingdom
T: +44 1865 338033; F: +44 1865 338100

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