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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] TC membership status


A point on TC membership.

1. I have been notified by Scott Tsao too weeks ago that he will not be able to keep on
participating in this TC, a message that I understood to be a formal resignation. I'm
afraid I've not forwarded that to the TC. My apologies to Scott about it.

I want to express again here the TC gratitude to Scott for his short but efficient
participation, and singularly for ensuring logistics in Boeing facilities for our Seattle

Scott hopes having someone else from Boeing participating in the TC, but it will not be
considered as a formal replacement process, that does not exist by OASIS TC rules. A new
member from Boeing will have to pass through the mandatory 60-days provisional membership.
"Dura lex, sed lex."

2. Michael Priestley provisional membership has ended a month ago, and we'll have to
approve formally his voting membership tomorrow.

3. Thomas Bandholtz is a provisional member till Barcelona.

So, plus Michael, minus Scott, we have now 10 voting members and 1 prospective member.

See updated list at


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