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tm-pubsubj message

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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] Draft IRC meeting rules

*PROPOSED* Rules for conducting an OASIS PubSubj TC meeting on IRC

IRC client software is available at:

    Windows: mIRC      (GUI, http://www.mirc.com)
    Linux:   zIRCon    (GUI, http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Programs/Zircon)
             xchat     (semigraphical, http://www.xchat.org)
             ksirc     (crap, comes with RedHat/KDE)
             dsirc     (command-line, also original ircII)
             ZIC       (Zaurus handheld, 
    Mac:     IRCle     (GUI, http://www.ircle.com)
    All:     ChatZilla (GUI, http://www.mozilla.org)

Connect to server: irc.openprojects.net
Join channel:      #topicmaps

Functions are usually buttons or menus, but most IRC clients also
accept commands typed on a command-line or in the message-entry
area, which can be more ergonomic, eg

/nick somename               sets your nickname
/join #topicmaps             joins you to the channel (# is required)
/who                         see who else is in the channel
/part                        leave the channel
/quit                        leave IRC
/msg somename text text...   send a 1-line private message off-channel
/dcc send somename somefile  send someone a file in the background
/ping somename               check response time to another user

Anything not beginning with a slash gets sent to all other members of
the channel *when you press Return*. You must press Return to send
your text.


1. Modified IRC standard behaviour applies throughout

    a. No flooding, spamming, or bots*
    b. No simultaneous membership of other channels during meeting
    c. No abuse, ad hominem attacks, vendor-bashing, etc
    d. Keep on-topic
    e. Don't over-use or abuse private /msgs and /dcc sends

2. Meeting-specific behaviour

    a. No obscure nicks, use forename or variant
    b. Signal your intent to speak or comment by typing "!" on its own
    c. Chair gives the floor (donner la parole) to each speaker by
       typing ">" and the member's nick (ie no speaking out of turn)
    d. Withdraw a pending request to speak by typing "X"
    e. Type only whole (short) sentences, not multi-liners: signal there
       is more to come by ending line with ...
    f. Raise a point of information by typing "!!"
    g. Raise a point of order by typing "!!!"
    h. Ask for clarification by typing "?"
    i. Email/Usenet-style etiquette applies
    j. Avoid italics, bold, colour, ASCII "art", etc unless really essential

Good examples at http://telecollaborate.net/education/IRC.html

* Actually it would be neat if there was a "Chair" meetingbot which
   would keep track of ! and X etc. Maybe someone has done one but I
   haven't found it.

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