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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] Draft IRC meeting rules


Thanks for sending this. I really appreciate having meeting via IRC since I 
already have too many work-related Midnight meetings and I am more 
productive this way. I would suggest also conducting a Concall at the same 
time. This is how some of the groups in the W3C conduct their meetings 
(Concurrent IRC and Telephone). However, we would need some moderator for 
this besides the chair. Maybe only IRC will be easier, but I would like to 
know what others think.

I am a frequent participant of #topicmaps  and sometime participate on 
#rdfig and #foaf

I have found port 6667 to be more stable.

please use this when you log on


Also, Lars Marius runs a logbot   for logging the channel comments, and I 
think that we should have it running during the meeting. This will make it 
easier to write the minutes later.

It's here: http://www.ontopia.net/topicmaps/irc/irclog/


>1. Modified IRC standard behaviour applies throughout
>    a. No flooding, spamming, or bots*
>    b. No simultaneous membership of other channels during meeting
>    c. No abuse, ad hominem attacks, vendor-bashing, etc
>    d. Keep on-topic
>    e. Don't over-use or abuse private /msgs and /dcc sends
>2. Meeting-specific behaviour
>    a. No obscure nicks, use forename or variant
>    b. Signal your intent to speak or comment by typing "!" on its own
>    c. Chair gives the floor (donner la parole) to each speaker by
>       typing ">" and the member's nick (ie no speaking out of turn)
>    d. Withdraw a pending request to speak by typing "X"
>    e. Type only whole (short) sentences, not multi-liners: signal there
>       is more to come by ending line with ...
>    f. Raise a point of information by typing "!!"
>    g. Raise a point of order by typing "!!!"
>    h. Ask for clarification by typing "?"
>    i. Email/Usenet-style etiquette applies
>    j. Avoid italics, bold, colour, ASCII "art", etc unless really essential
>Good examples at http://telecollaborate.net/education/IRC.html
>* Actually it would be neat if there was a "Chair" meetingbot which
>   would keep track of ! and X etc. Maybe someone has done one but I
>   haven't found it.
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