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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] Draft IRC meeting rules

Bernard Vatant wrote:
> Thanks Peter
> I downloaded mIRC. Seems to work, got to the #topicmaps channel, said hello but felt quite
> alone and silly there afterwards, so I disconnected, and that's it :(

Yes, being alone on an IRC channel is like waiting for a train everyone
else know has been cancelled :-)

> Can you tell me when one of you will be here, so that I'll try again?

I wasn't planning on being there until we do the meeting, but just for 
the test I just logged on (Wed 2002-12-18T22:37:16 IST)

> Stupid question certainly. Are there such a thing that archives of a channel?

Rarely. Some channels run a 'bot which logs all discussions, but usually
there is only a log if some individual decides to make one personally.

I notice there is a larsbot on there at the moment...

> I've not used any kind of instant connection, chat, IRC or whatever, more than once, and
> that was quite long ago :( - So I have everything to learn about it.

Hand up those who remember BITNET RELAY...


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