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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] Draft IRC meeting rules

Mason, James David (MXM) wrote:
> I wasn't much help in Baltimore, I know. And I realize why IRC is
> attractive. However, I can't participate that way. IRC is blocked in our
> firewall (which is why I can't even contact Ontopia's IRC help site).

It just occurred to me that pointing you at cgiirc wasn't very clever,
as if your site blocks access to ports 6666 and 6667 then you wouldn't
be able to have a CGI script access them either.

I've installed it on my site, fixed to access the openprojects server
and the #topicmaps channel only, so go to


That should get you there but it might be slow during daytime. I'll
see if it works better on my workstation once I get back to the office


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