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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] Draft IRC meeting rules

Mary Nishikawa wrote:

> I think that Jim and I are in the same situation when it comes to using 
> IRC through high security company/government networks. I am prohibited 
> from using IRC from work or dialup from the company network. I will 
> loose my job.

Does accessing it through the proxy Web-based replicator I set up fix
this? (ie what exactly loses you your job, using port 6666/6667, or
using the IRC service itself -- by whatever means -- in other words
are they worried about DoS attacks via the protocol/port, or are they
worried about employees being identificable on unmonitored networks?)

> I use a separate computer (non business stuff) and my private ISP/cable 
> network  for IRC.
> The meeting is at 12 Midnight Japan time, so this does not pose a 
> problem, but this means that the meeting is head during business hours 
> US time for Jim.
> It looks as if the US participants will need a conference call  to be 
> held concurrently with IRC. Peter, could you moderate such a thing? 

I can't *host* a concall because I have no way to charge it or recoup
the cost. I could have a try at *moderating* the IRC/concall interaction 

but I'm not sure this would work: in effect it means reading out down
the phone line whatever appears on the screen, and typing in what gets
said on the phone. I suspect this would slow the meeting to a snail's


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