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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj] Draft IRC meeting rules

At 21:18 2002/12/19 +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:
>Mary Nishikawa wrote:
>>I think that Jim and I are in the same situation when it comes to using 
>>IRC through high security company/government networks. I am prohibited 
>>from using IRC from work or dialup from the company network. I will loose 
>>my job.
>Does accessing it through the proxy Web-based replicator I set up fix
>this? (ie what exactly loses you your job, using port 6666/6667, or
>using the IRC service itself -- by whatever means -- in other words
>are they worried about DoS attacks via the protocol/port, or are they
>worried about employees being identificable on unmonitored networks?)

We are not allowed to have any IRC client software (or any other similar 
software) even installed on our company computers because it allows data 
sharing without any specific user control. There is a possibility  that 
they software  can be used to bypass firewall security.

>>I use a separate computer (non business stuff) and my private ISP/cable 
>>network  for IRC.
>>The meeting is at 12 Midnight Japan time, so this does not pose a 
>>problem, but this means that the meeting is head during business hours US 
>>time for Jim.
>>It looks as if the US participants will need a conference call  to be 
>>held concurrently with IRC. Peter, could you moderate such a thing?
>I can't *host* a concall because I have no way to charge it or recoup
>the cost. I could have a try at *moderating* the IRC/concall interaction

OK, for a simple solution, if it is only Jim, then he can telephone someone 
who is connected to IRC, and they could report  back what is going on and 
he can give input though this person. Everything may not be reported, but 
the chair could give a digest and that could be reported and then we get 
Jim's feedback.

Jim, what do you think?

>but I'm not sure this would work: in effect it means reading out down
>the phone line whatever appears on the screen, and typing in what gets
>said on the phone. I suspect this would slow the meeting to a snail's

I agree with you here. This would slow us down. Maybe the above solution is OK?


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