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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] RE: Groups - oasis - New ballot"Approval of Deliverable 1 as TC Recommendation"

Hi Mary > I am not sure if I can actually vote since my membership expired > as of May 1, 2003, but I do have some feedback. Well, please do vote since you are still listed as a voting member. > I think that the Editors of this document should be Steve Pepper and > Bernard Vatant. Bernard, you had been working on this up until > the very end. > Using "Author" is not appropriate. This was committee work and a > compilation of the ideas of many. Good points. "TC Editor" is a specific status defined in OASIS TC guidelines, but that we have not used in our TC. See: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php#duties_officers "The TC Editor is the person who maintains the specification document(s) for the TC. The editor writes drafts, updates the drafts with input from the TC members, and makes the drafts available to TC members and to the public by posting them on the TC mail list and/or giving them to the webmaster to post on the web page." Under this definition, I agree that Steve is effectively the editor of the last draft, even if I've put a lot of it in the beginning, he's the one who got the blood out of the stone :) > We should also have a section of all the contributors. As I > mentioned, this was a group effort over a period of almost two years. Yes. All current and past TC members should be mentioned as contributors at the end of the document. Thanks for those remarks Bernard PS: Speaking about vocabulary, I put on the ballot "TC Recommendation". This is incorrect terminology, the correct one being "Committee Specification". I will correct in in the ballot description. See again OASIS guidelines at: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php#spec_standard You find here all the process from Committee Specification to OASIS Standard, BTW answering the questions we had in London meeting about it ...

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