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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] Declare victory and retire?

Lars Marius wrote:

| * Bernard Vatant
| | If the majority decides otherwise and wants to move forward
| | altogether, I will retire and let someone else endorsing the
| | responsibility for it. This is not an easy position, but I have
| | engaged way too much time and energy in the past two years for this
| | TC, for quite a poor result indeed.
| I'm not pleased with our progress either, but I believe the solution
| is simply for us to do better in the coming months.

Spoken like a man just back from vacation ;-)

But I do agree with this and everything else Lars Marius writes.
OWL does *not* render PSIs superfluous; it makes them even more
necessary and useful. To disband the committee now means to sign
the death warrant on published subjects.


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