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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] Interim Chair

At 15:20 03/10/11 +0200, Steve Pepper wrote:
>Mary wrote:
>| Hi everyone,  Patrick Durusau been voted as Interim Chair by 71% of
>| committee members. Please vote for the second ballot by Oct 25. Thank
>| you.  Cheers, Mary
>Congratulations, Patrick. (Best man for the job, I say ;-)
>I have voted already. I put in a comment which didn't seem
>to be visible afterwards. Anyway, the gist of it is that I
>think we should merge GeoLang and XMLvoc into PubSubj,
>concentrate our efforts, and not let this important work
>get abandoned.

Well, after the next ballot is finished we can see the results and will 
post a draft for this next ballot --  merging TCs or not.
OK, Patrick?

>As far as I am concerned, working only within the W3C on
>this issue is *not* a good idea -

Nobody really said that Steve :)

>  Of course, it is
>great that Bernard is pushing the arguments in that forum,
>but that's not the same thing.

Yes, and I think that the OASIS committee should have a liasion with the 
W3C group.
I guess Bernard is the natural choice, but we can also have a ballot on 
this one too, if it is needed.

>Ontopia is trying to put together a proposal for an EU
>project that, if successful, would give us the funding we
>need to really get PubSubj back on track.

Sounds good. So does this mean we will will have some support from Ontopia, 
ie, sponsorship of some conference calls?


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